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Daily Bread

CASSIS Pâtisserie et Boulangerie offers a wide range of breads to satisfy the age-old craving for ‘daily bread’, including French-style breads such as traditional baguette, rich brioche, rustic pain paysan and tasty sour dough loaves, as well as the patented Paillasse artisan bread.

By far the most recognisable of French cultural artefacts, the long, thin loaf of bread known as a baguette is so intrinsically part of the French culinary tradition, that the recipe is even defined by French law – called the Décret Pain of 1993! The decree came about as a result of a decline in the quality of baguettes in the country; this bread is so well-loved and oft-eaten in France, that an outcry from the people made it necessary for the government to institute a standard for the making of traditional baguettes (‘pain de tradition française’).

But, how did this legend of French culture come about? Although long, thin sticks of bread have been enjoyed in France since the mid-eighteenth century, the baguette as we know it only became popularised in the 1920s. The story goes that, when new international labour laws came about in 1919, they prohibited boulangers (bakers) from preparing their baked goods before 4am. This meant that, although the hard-working boulangers had better working hours, they did not have enough time to meet their patrons’ need for fresh bread.

It was then that the inventive boulangers developed a faster, better way to produce the delicious foodstuff – by giving it an elongated shape for faster cooking time, as well as baking with special steam-injection ovens known as deck ovens. Deck ovens are typically heated to well over 200 °C (390 °F), using various steam-injection methods. The steam causes the crust to expand before setting, which results in an airier loaf while it also melts the dextrose on the bread’s surface, giving it a slightly glazed crust.

This new process opened a well-spring of beautiful textures and flavours that encompasses all five senses and pleased the heart of every French person, making the baguette the unofficial national emblem it is today. CASSIS takes the French bread tradition seriously and we strive to provide our patrons not only with an assortment of crisp-fresh breads every day, but also well-developed, sophisticated flavours that complement every meal at any time of the day.


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