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Café Life

At CASSIS Pâtisserie et Boulangerie, we celebrate the movement and excitement, as well as the moments of stillness and enrichment, that café culture offers. Throughout the centuries that cafés have filled the shop windows and sidewalks of many a modern city, even reaching small towns and industrial areas, they have always been hubs of liveliness, friendship, inspiration, reflection and creativity.

The popularity of cafés, along with the recreational activities of their patrons, are reflected in the works of famous artists, as the artists themselves used to frequent these cultural melting pots daily – to meet, to eat, to drink and to watch others do the same. In this way, cafés also enabled the social mixing of people from different parts of the city and the world. Not only was the café cuisine rich with seasonal flavours served in quick, light meals – the very atmosphere was simply pulsating with the richness of fresh, new ideas and experiences!

This is what La Belle Époque (‘the Golden Age’) in Paris was all about – a multi-cultural, modern society filled with new opportunities. The turn of the century in France – Paris, especially – signalled a resting period and an era of relative opulence nested between the Franco-Prussian war and World War I. This was also the period when the Eiffel Tower was built for Paris’ World Fair and eventually became a national icon and treasure. La Belle Époque was named ‘the Golden Age’ retrospectively, as people reminisced on this period in the aftermath of the unspeakable terrors of the First World War. The contrast was very great, yet café culture lived on – before, throughout and beyond the times of war!

In this sense, each visit to a café today is not only for a quick cappuccino and a delicious bite to eat while you post your latest social media tidbits, make an appointment or meet your friends… No, it’s a salut to times of peace, prosperity and hospitality! Join us in our passion to relive La Belle Époque, every day, in the Mother City…

CASSIS – a touch of Paris, in the heart of Cape Town.



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