Paris mon amour… Paris my love

The rich, vibrant and trendy café culture that we are so familiar with today, first became popular more than a century ago in La Belle Époque Paris…

Parlez-vous le français?

Do you speak French? Most English-speaking people with basic knowledge of the French language know how to ask this question, typically followed by some jovial laughter

Daily Bread

CASSIS Pâtisserie et Boulangerie offers a wide range of breads to satisfy the age-old craving for ‘daily bread’, including French-style breads such as traditional baguette


Today we celebrate the two things France loves the most: Women and butter! Julia Child, the American chef, author and television personality well-known for introducing French

Café Life

At CASSIS Pâtisserie et Boulangerie, we celebrate the movement and excitement, as well as the moments of stillness and enrichment, that café culture offers.

The Maillard Reaction

As legend has it, coffee has its origins in the province of Kaffa, Ethiopia, where a young boy noticed his herd of goats frolicking about while eating red berries.

French cuisine in the heart of Cape Town

CASSIS Pâtisserie et Boulangerie was founded in Cape Town with the same principles of on-trend and seasonal cuisine made with the freshest, highest quality traditional